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Warrior Ethos





What forms of invisible and visible cultural destruction impact interdisciplinary approaches to culture, identity politics, the preservation of memory and result in new configurations of power, privilege and powerlessness to excavate new insights from global meta-narratives (including, but not limited to, sustainability, transnational politics and nature building, religion, identity politics, and reconceptualizing human/nature relations)?


Over the past several years, Warrior Ethos/Warrior Ecologies has become a Music Research Strategies vehicle for exploring emergent strategies and gathering narratives of fugitivity generated from reimagining campaign strategies, performing research and performing-political education.

Warrior Ethos is a critical collaboration strategy positioning community-based institutions to build solidarity, diversity, and capacity across social justice disciplines by developing political education and performance ventures to broaden a social change community. The primary goals of this community are to facilitate knowledge and capacity-building in collaboration with community-based organizations and their constituents around culturally determined discourses, aesthetic systems, semiotic systems, conceptual frameworks, history and cultural codes/modes of communicating, listening, working and thinking. Warrior Ethos is a critical and collaborative engagement across cultures and disciplines, utilizing peer-to-peer, project-based, pedagogical methods applied to publishing analysis, criticism, theory and documenting praxis, as well as producing performance exhibitions, artwork, and public programming.
Music Research Strategies instigates the collection, indexing, and critical redeployment of active, grassroots campaign strategies as a lexicon for a conduction method for Creative Music performance. Warrior Ethos praxes, the Indexical Moment/um research complex, and Sonic Facilitations  are each designed to directly impact narrative and policy change dynamics through critical arts practices and engagement management.
  1. Build cultural competencies in transdisciplinary fields of Creative Music performance, contemporary Art, and political education praxes that enable broader, deeper, more nuanced and respectful intercultural collaboration, communication, and public discourse.
  2. Enhance critical analysis and discourses across cultures and disciplines.
  1. Publish articles in international, bilingual journals establishing Warrior Ethos as both an analytical tool for postcolonial discourse and aesthetic performance complex;
  2. Instigate collaborations with community-based, cultural organizations and social justice institutions to deploy cultural research tools and archival system;
  3. Organize and document active campaigns tactics, campaign strategists to redistribute knowledge, technical capacity, and successful organizational models;
  4. Synthesize sonic facilitations data to contribute research, analysis, theory and cultural production towards the production of a dynamic, informed and living conduction system;
  5. Connect knowledge and process outcomes with community development, creative placemaking, public policy, academic and arts and cultural institutions to implement mechanisms of change;
  6. Position Music Research Strategies as a cultural bearer and knowledge broker in the field and a hub for information and resources pertaining to diversity capacity building issues and efforts in the field.

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