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"Special Universe, (video)" Explorist International, San Francisco, 2013.

"The Temporal Drum Set, (video)" The No Idea Festival, Aiustin, Texas 2017.

"Warrior Ethos (excerpt), (video)" East Side Arts Alliance, Oakland, 2018.



Akira Sataka/Marshall Trammell Duo, No Idea Festival, Austin, TX, 2018

"Simultaneous Multi-Dimensionality" Jeramy DeCristo/Marshall Trammell duo, Prelinger Library, San Francisco, 2017.


Black Spirituals' design by Faith Coloccia of SIGE Records

Animated video "Treatment" by Faith Coloccia and Daniel Menche.

Black Spirituals, "Ghost Ship Benefit," BBQ, Oakland, 2017

Black Spirituals, "The Time-Traversing Sound of Oakland’s Black Spirituals: KQED Arts, 2016

Black Spirituals, "Exploratorium 'Resonances' Residency," San Francisco, 2014: Performance; Interview by Sarah Cahill



In Defense of Memory: Laura Ortman, Carlos Santistevan, & Marshall Trammell - 

The Stone, NYC

Site Santa Fe

Hafez Modirzadeh, David Boyce and Marshall Trammell - Poetry Center

Black Spirituals w/ Jean-Louis Huhta, Jazz House, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016.


Drummer's Secret Handshake, all ears festival, Oslo, Norway.

Drummer's Secret Handshake, Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA, 2017.

Drummer's Secret Handshake #2, Second Act, San Francisco, CA, 2017.


"Percussion Sextet: Corcoran, Heule, Lopez, Nakatani, Stackpole, & Trammell," Oakland, CA


High Zero Festival 2016

Marshall Trammell , Jeff Carey , Jenny Moon Tucker , Marta Zapparoli

Marshall Trammell, Julius Masri, Jimmy Joe Roche - excerpt

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